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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission:

To provide high quality care which maintains the independence and dignity of elderly and disabled persons.

Our Values:

Compassion, Honesty, Respect, Excellence, Innovation, Confidentiality and Friendship

Our Promise to you:

To provide care and services that gives you the freedom to live independently and enjoy quality of life.

At Global Care Group we believe everyone should have:

  • Premium, high quality care tailored to suit their needs
  • Independence and control of their lives
  • Access to community resources, programs, events and activities
  • A vibrant community and supportive environment in which to live
  • A dignified place to call home

Our Objectives:

  • To provide residents with high quality accommodation and care;
  • To ensure residents have control over their lives and are involved in all decisions which affect them;
  • To maintain links between residents and their family and the community;
  • To make the service an integrated part of the community, and
  • To ensure all the members of the community have equal access to our service based on their relative need.