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Fees and Charges

Fees and charges for Residential Aged Care are determined by the Commonwealth Government and are based on your ability to pay and your financial circumstances at the time of admission. All residents admitted to a Residential Care Facility are required to pay a basic daily care fee and this is currently based on a rate of 85% of the aged pension.

From 1 July 2014 all residents will be required to complete a Residential Aged Care combined Asset & Income Assessment which will determine the Residential Care Fee. The previous Accommodation Bond will change to either a Refundable Accommodation Deposit or a Daily Accommodation Payment which is determined by assessable assets and income. The income and assets assessments are conducted by Centrelink.

It is recommended that residents or their relatives seek advise from their Accountant or Financial Advisor as we can only provide basic information prior to admission to the facility.

The Global Care Group maximum price for accommodation from 01 Jan 2019 is:

  • Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit - $406,000
  • Maximum Daily Accommodation Payment - $61.62

Residents also have the option of combining their accommodation payment.

For Example:

If the agreed Accommodation price is $406,000 and you pay a $200,000 lump sum deposit, then your daily Accommodation Payment would be $33.52 per day in addition to the daily care fees payment.(This is subject to the maximum permissible interest rate charges).

Contact us for more information and additional information is also available on the Department of Social Services website.